Tips on How Social Media Can Better Your Career     

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 15:51

Tips on How Social Media Can Better Your Career. Because social media allows people to reach a global audience, international headhunters may use social media sites to seek the kind of employees they need. Reaching a global job market means more potential opportunities and more room for career growth.

Social media has to be used appropriately if it is to help in the advancement of a person’s career. Unless you are looking for a job in beer tasting, chances are that a Facebook page full of party pictures is not going to get more than a cursory glance. Make sure social media pages are professional or at least reflect your profession or the profession you are seeking. Be careful what connections you post personal thoughts to on social media pages and be sure to censor anything that may reflect badly back on you. If you have to have separate accounts for personal and business use in order to maintain professionalism, do it.

Create as many social media profiles as possible and use them all wisely. Make connections in your industry and engage them as often as you can. Being visible on your pages and your connections pages are the best ways to get noticed. Remember, oftentimes pages will reveal the last time a person was active. You want to make sure you are present, so potential employers know they will get a reply if they connect with you. You also want to make sure no opportunities arise and pass you by while you are neglecting your social networking.

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