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Monday, 28 May 2012 05:52
Tips Before Buying A Private Apartment. Location … Is probably the most quoted mantra in real estate investment. However, when choosing between a few units of property, how to choose the purchase of a private flat in terms of physical and geographical aspects? 5 TIPS principal help make a big difference in rental income and the value of resale of your property: – PLACES: 1. The area that you love most or the area that goes on. 2. You can restrict your search to a section, for example, you might want to see if the floor near the park or shops. 3. Look at the way in which the floor is and the position on the floor. IDENTIFY DEFICIENCIES: Most importantly, you should feel comfortable while watching the floor. If so, then you can begin to examine other details. While in place, avoid spending too much time on superficial things such as painting and gardening, which are only minor problems. You should look for significant defects such as roof leaks, termite infestation, structural cracks along the foundation and clogging drains. Emphasizes good structure, including the provision of the floor, the number of columns and pillars and the foundation of the earth. If there are too many columns, would be very difficult to renovate the house. If there is a gap between wall and floor, is a sign of earthworks, which indicates a structural problem. When inspecting the living room, consider if there is a cost of paint on the ceiling. The ceiling is usually painted with emulsion paint. If you see a shiny patch, which could mean that there has been a leak and the owner can use gloss paint to cover up. While emulsion paint absorbs water, the gloss paint is waterproof.

Soil quality is another important factor. If you are walking on wood floors or marble, make sure it is not hollow. Pay a higher premium for more land: Pay a little more of the premium to return a large amount of the premium. If you have the financial capacity, choose a corner lot. Corner lot is usually in high demand and limited quantities due to the additional land. The corner lot should not be on the main road where traffic is heavy. If you cannot afford to buy a particular floor in a corner lot, choose an intermediate care unit. It is important to know who your neighbors. If your neighbor is a kindergarten operator, the unit looks funny, and made his house out of place. In the morning there will be a lot of traffic and could have a lot of cars parked outside his home. It is best to avoid buying special floor next to a drive-up widely. The home will be prepared and make it look out of place.

Property added advantage if the unit is facing the parks, gardens or lakes, especially if development is within the legally closed and guarded. Second, the main entrance faces north or south. With this direction, you do not receive direct sunlight and that would make the house cooler. Not buy a residential floor facing a busy main road to avoid environmental pollution and nuisance. Must be at least three or four houses away from the main road. Avoid units and facilities near power lines, schools, commercial areas, mosques, temples and oxidation ponds and hillsides (to avoid potential landslides). Avoid T-junctions like the plague. T-junctions have certain risks. Car light shine directly into your home. Accidents can occur due to the location on the floor. If you are investing in a particular floor high-rise, go to the floor 10 or higher to get a better view and less noise. And it will be cooler. Avoid top floor, especially if the floor is 10 to 20 years of age because there is no problem with roof leaks and the possibility of tile movements due to exposure to high winds. Roof leak issues, it would be difficult to carry out the repair.


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