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This section features the most advanced Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) peer-to-peer data stream. Also available with these uses are system web notifications. These are useful for Group Chats, Group or Business Meetings, Video Conferencing, Person-to-person Video Discussions, Classrooms, etc. 


GTI Meetings/Conferencing section enables the use of HD quality audio and video streams between users' browsers. It also has a Skype bridge for Skype calls

Streaming is direct from a user’s browser to another. With media recorder functionalities, it also enables finetuning of resources load for optimal performance, the exchange of file attachments and full support of media objects (exchange of images, videos, iframes) inside the chat conversations.


While chat and video conferencing are seamless in the main, please note the following:

1. You get the message if they pop up: 'MESSAGE- You don't have enough permissions to access this resource'.

To solve, simply login.

2. You get the message: ‘The webcam/mic can't be activated, settings not supported. The webcam/mic could be used by another application, missing, disabled, or the website could miss an https SSL certificate’.

To solve, simply click on the padlock image (SSL) in your browser (eg. Google Chrome) to check the default setting of your camera or microphone. To solve this, allow camera and microphone. However, your system's camera may currently be in use on another page which is not GTI Meetings and Conferencing. Do check.