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People and Places

People and Places

Videos about international people all across the globe and in different places.

Contemporary Art Gallery
Looking through a modern Art gallery in Lodon, UK.
Looking to the blue sky
Short video on a London sunny day. The sky is gracious and lovely.
Pre-covid Blues: Human traffic at London 02 Arena
Human traffic at London 02 Arena during the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, 2021.
Remembrance Sunday 2022
A short clip of Remembrance Sunday 2022 held in North London cenotaph, and adjacent to the Lord's Cricket Ground. Held on the second Sunday every November, Remembrance Sunday is similar to Remembrance...
Minute of Memory
A minute clip of winding up ceremony in commemoration of Remembrance Day in Saint Johns Wood, on Sunday, November 14 2021, a day to honour the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in war.
December rain
Rainy day in London, on a cold December day, 2021.

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