FLASHBACK: Our Editor was at the London Motor Show, eons ago on behalf of GTI International, London and shares with us part of the media pack from Maserati. Some of these Maserati ontent were featured in our Good Times International magazine at the time. Enjoy...
A large luxury saloon with unrivalled driving dynamics.
Since its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003, the Maserati Quattroporte has been unique on the automotive market thanks to its character of sport luxury saloon, combined with a distinctive Italian soul. It speaks for the traditional Maserati values and provides continuity with the great saloons bearing the same name that have achieved success in the past, from the first Quattroporte with Frua body in 1964, to the “presidential” Quattroporte in 1984, of which the Italian President Sandro Pertini was particularly fond. 



After five years of success, with more than 15,000 cars sold and 46 awards won internationally, the new Quattroporte range reinforces the model’s exclusive image with a thorough technical and stylistic upgrade, while performance reaches new peaks with the powerful new 4.7 litre, 317 kW (430 CV) engine.
The Pininfarina design, one of the main factors underlying the Quattroporte’s success, reworks the basic theme of the Quattroporte by incorporating the stylistic features of the GranTurismo. All intended to stress the Quattroporte’s character as a luxury limousine with unbeatable dynamic qualities.
There are two versions available, reflecting the car’s dual soul:
·       Quattroporte, powered by the 4.2 litre 8 cylinder engine
·       Quattroporte S, equipped with the 4.7 litre 8 cylinder engine with higher power output and torque, the pinnacle of the Quattroporte range.
A strengthened stylistic identity, to turn even more heads on the road.
Beauty of form is the most immediately noticeable aspect of the work carried out by Pininfarina on the design of the new Quattroporte.
However, the profound renewal of the car’s image is not just the outcome of style for style’s sake, but rather expresses an approach to changing technical and functional requirements: the larger cooling area, for example, was a necessary requirement of the increased engine size. Technological features, such as the introduction of LEDs for the lighting units, as well as aerodynamic ones, which optimise the air flows in the lower part of the vehicle, have also contributed to the final result.
The new Quattroporte looks as if it is gripping the road with even greater determination, with a fresh aggressiveness at the front, due to its increased similarity to the GranTurismo. This effect derives above all from the new radiator grille with vertical fins, and from the larger-sized headlights, with an L-shaped band of LEDs, contributing to the car’s “tougher look”. The side has also been transformed with a more noticeable under-door moulding, while the rear-view mirrors merge more smoothly into the design of the car’s body.
To match the front, the rear has also been reinforced with a more striking approach. The stylistic link to the GranTurismo is clearly reflected in the red outline of the headlights, with a white central part. This is a strong signal of the new Quattroporte’s identity by night, when the rear parking light lights up to form a pair of slanted bars. 
Sophisticated, cosy and comfortable, the new Quattroporte interior owes its exclusive taste to unmistakably Italian style lines and meticulously crafted details. The dashboard retains its strong character provided by the supporting centre console, finished in luxury materials. All the harmony of the car’s shape now becomes apparent; the airbag housing in front of the passenger is perfectly integrated into the dashboard.



The centre console has been restyled to bring the controls closer together. This considerably improves the ergonomics of the driving position, also enhanced by snugger seats, a sportier grip for the steering wheel and an easily reachable storage compartment located in the central console.
4.7 litre ENGINE
The dual soul as luxury saloon with sports-car performance of the new Quattroporte range finds its ultimate expression on board the Quattroporte S, equipped with the outstanding 4.7 litre V8 delivering a maximum power output of 317 kW (430 CV) at 7,000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 490 Nm at 4,750 rpm.
Easily identifiable thanks to its red cylinder head covers, it is the top of the range of a new family of wet sump engines developed by Maserati engineers to ensure smooth ride and unbeatable performance.
The technical features incorporated in this unit, with speeds rising to 7,200 rpm, have further upgraded the impressive qualities of the latest Maserati engines, i.e. the high specific power output and the capacity for rapid rise and fall in rpm, for an even more thrilling driving experience.
Fully responsive in all driving conditions, the 4.7 litre V8 reveals astonishing acceleration even in high gears, particularly useful during motorway journeys. This plus-factor is achieved through the skilful harmonisation of the shapes of the intake and exhaust ducts, combined with the use of continuous-actuation timing advance processors on the intake camshafts, optimisation of the combustion chamber and the way the engine itself is calibrated to deliver 82% of torque at just 2,500 rpm.
Exhaust/evap emissions and fuel consumption fully comply with the planned Euro 5 regulations for European and LEV2 for the US, thanks to the introduction of an innovative perforated metal sheet catalytic converter that combines permeability and reliability.
The new engine performance figures represent the pinnacle of the Quattroporte range:
·       Maximum power output: 317 kW (430 CV) at 7,000 rpm
·       Maximum torque: 490 Nm (358 lbft) at 4,750 rpm
·       Top speed: 280 km/h (174 mph)
·       Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 5.4 s
Quick changes for immediate response, fluid and progressive, for the greatest driving comfort.
The automatic transmission of the Quattroporte, featuring a hydraulic torque converter, is the result of a state-of-the-art collaboration between Maserati and ZF which enhances the V8’s progressive delivery at low-medium revs without limiting its power, allowing changes at engine speeds up to 7,200 rpm.
Besides the Normal driving mode, there are two additional automatic gear change modes, ICE and Sport, so the driver can choose the most suitable one according to the road conditions and his/her personal driving style.
Like the true sports saloon that it is, the Quattroporte can also be driven manually using the gear lever on the central tunnel, or the optional gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel. The sixth gear has been optimised to reduce fuel consumption and noise even further during motorway use at high speeds.
In the Quattroporte S, the new, more aggressive power delivery of the 4.7 litre engine is combined with a specific gearbox software, developed to optimise the acceleration and the sporty feel of the automatic transmission
The body of the Quattroporte provides an excellent level of torsional and bending stiffness. Furthermore, the high dynamic frequencies of the body itself ensure the highest levels of comfort in any driving condition.


The layout features antidive and antisquat front and rear wishbone suspension. The first prevents the front from diving whilst braking, while the second prevents the tail from pitching down under acceleration.
The new Quattroporte range also benefits from further improvements made to the suspension, to adapt the system to different driving requirements. The Quattroporte S 4.7 litre is fitted with a further developed Skyhook suspension system (featuring electronically controlled damping and continuously adjustable setup), with new damper settings, springs and valves, to optimise the frequency response.
The Quattroporte’s dynamic handling is further enhanced by the MSP, Maserati Stability Program, specially developed by Maserati to ensure safety and driving pleasure. The system communicates with the ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution) and ASR (anti-slip regulation during acceleration) functions and acts on the brakes and engine to help the driver maintain full control of the car, even in the most critical situations.
Safe and easy to handle on any road condition, the secret behind the balanced behaviour of the Quattroporte lies in its weight distribution, a real one-of-a-kind in this segment, with slightly more weight on the rear axle (49% on the front and 51% on the rear). This configuration, obtained by placing the engine behind the front axle, maximises traction and acceleration.
The new Maserati Quattroporte S is equipped with a high performance braking system featuring dual-cast front discs, developed together with Brembo, first used with excellent results on the Quattroporte Sport GT S. Thanks to the co-fusion of materials, this technology conjugates the benefits coming from the high-temperature performance of cast iron to the light weight of aluminium.
Monobloc aluminium brake callipers with six pistons of different diameters (30/34/36 mm) are used for the front dual-cast discs, as they are more resistant to deformation than ordinary two-piece callipers. The greater efficiency at any working pressure leads to a shorter brake pedal stroke.
The technical evolution of the new Quattroporte is obvious at a glance thanks to the lighting system, redesigned to optimise every individual function. The LED technology adopted on both the front and rear lights represents a visually strong impact innovation for the new Quattroporte, and is one of the main elements of continuity with the Maserati GranTurismo stylistic elements.
The evolution in the lighting system is not limited to LEDs. The main component of the front headlights is a bi-xenon lamp providing full-beam and dipped functions, complete with the new Adaptive Light Control system.
For the first time the new Quattroporte is equipped with a Daytime Running Light function, which uses the side lights.


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