Tips for Making Your Lawn or Garden Weed Free    
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Monday, 28 May 2012 05:59

Tips for Making Your Lawn or Garden Weed Free. When you’re tending to a lawn or a garden, there are few things that can cause you more headaches than the appearance of relentless and tenacious weeds. They are any number of plant species that are either unsightly or intrusive, and are one of the main threats to having a healthy and beautiful lawn or other similar agricultural pursuit.

Not only are they disruptive to the aesthetic of the area, they also can block out sunlight, sap nutrients and moisture, and excrete various harmful byproducts into the soil. This can damage or destroy the plants that you are trying to cultivate, and is one of the main reasons that you should take weed control seriously if you’re trying to maintain an outdoor space.

Broad & Selective Herbicides

The most effective means of weed elimination is by using one of the many available weed killers on the market. Most of these are herbicides of one of two different categories. The first category is the broad-spectrum herbicide, which is generally more powerful by volume, but also must be applied with greater care as to not damage or destroy the plants that you wish to cultivate in the area.

The other category are selective herbicides which are oftentimes less powerful but are specifically tailored to kill weed species and leave other plants unharmed.


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