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Complete Digital and Social Media Resource + Search Engine

GTI Platform is all about your well-being. It's your online resource for daily use; the complete digital and social media tool plus search engine. It's the favourite alternative social search engine. GTI (Good Times International – since 2002) started out as a series of old and new media, culminating 3 years ago into a most complete digital organiser with full flexibility to provide our daily online needs.

Do All You Can Do...Organise Your Interests...Be Entertained...Connect...With 7 Major Sections...

With this resource, we provide a delightful blend of information, entertainment and communication, coupled with a complete social sharing experience and content aggregation. GTI Platform is fully responsive (compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet, android, and other devices). The 7 sections on this platform include:


Lifestyle Section       

Your resource for beauty, fashion, health, and style as provided by our Good Times International (GTI) Magazine (Since 2002). Visit regularly for updates and also submit your contributions. This section is for Health, Beauty, and Hot Tips - on wellness, how-to, style, shows, motoring... and more. Visit the Lifestyle Section...

Video Sharing Section       

Unique Content: Play or stream our unique content or upload your own content or embed videos from YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Blip.tv, Break.com, DailyMotion.com, Stage6.com, JumpCut.com, Vids.myspace.com, Megavideo.com, GamdTrailers.com, Revver.com, Video.google.co.uk, Veoh.com, Vimeo.com, GoTube.com, zShare.net, and more. Also create groups, video categories, video playlists, and share content with friends. This is the home of short clips for Free Video-on-demand. Also upload premium content for business. Visit the Video Sharing Section...

Social Networking Section       

Secure Business, Professional, and Social Networking: Join our vibrant community today to network with other users with varying interests. Connect today to make new friends, invite your connections, create, upload and organise your social and professional videos, photos, groups, events, and more. Organise all your varied interests across the internet in one place! Maintain an interesting profile. and enable others to view your other profiles from major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. with the click of your button. Visit the Social Networking Section...

Television Section     

Real TV on the Internet: Visit regularly for newer streams of media content on the 7 channels of GTI Television (Good Times International Television).

Channels include Variety, Business, R & B (Music), Pop-rock (Music), Classical (Music), Knowledge, and High Definition (HD). Visit the Television Section...

News Update Section    

News on the Move: Catch up on daily news updates on the ‘go’; for the latest news videos from the top news network stations, including Cable News Network (CNN) and American Broadcasting Company (ABC) News services.

Breaking News Stories: With constantly refreshed every period of the day, again, the services include: CNN  and ABC News . Visit the News Section...

Marketplace Section   

Your Online Shop: The GTI Marketplace is your secure section for private shops as created or patronised by you. Here, you may create your own unique shop and sell securely, buy with confidence from the 256-bit encrypted market, or simply promote your products and services.The Marketplace, for now, is only for persons within the United Kingdom.

Business Blogging: Express yourself and venture through blogs. Visit the Marketplace Section...

Still Need More on the Web Right Away?

GTI Web Search Engine and Spider     

Web Search: Still can't find all you're looking for at the moment? Then search everything good on the internet with the GTI web Search Engine. Try the secure  search engine every day for desired content across the globe

Web Spider: Make your content available to the searching public. Get Submit your website and have the secure GTI Web Search Spider crawl your content for indexing. Visit the Search Engine...

We take issues of copyright and your security as paramount. In addition, please refer to our Terms of use and other pages regarding these.

Welcome to your good day...Enjoy!



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