Tips About Cyrus The Great Nine Leadership Lessons    
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Thursday, 05 July 2012 06:09Tips About Cyrus The Great: Nine Leadership Lessons. Leadership is a quality and practice that always seems to hang around the neck of boardroom executives and business owners. And there are many who wish to be at the top ranks, to lead, to be the one your employees look up to. You want to be the best in lead generation, in telemarketing strategies, in formulating the best tactics in getting B2B leads. But how do you that? Is there a book that you can read and learn lessons from? The answer is yes, and the funny thing here is that it has been around for a long time – thousands of years, to be exact. The topic: the legendary Cyrus the Great of Persia. It was about how to be a good leader. Not only will it work in the army, it will also work in a company, as well.

You can learn a lot from that book when you do business in Singapore. While the book is more of an elaborate prose from which you can learn from, the important points can be gleaned here:

1. You will need to be self-reliant. Investors and stockholders prefer a company who knows how to deliver. Also, give your employees what they need. They tend to stick with you longer.

2. You need to be generous, as the price for becoming successful. The aim here is not about getting more money, but in ensuring that you create a system that will continue its flow.

3. No need for rhetoric when only a short instruction will do. Also, what is important here is that you give your instructions in the clearest possible way, to avoid confusion. It also makes you decisive.

4. Work for the good of all. In the long run, this practice will ensure that you gain the goodwill of many. Putting that in lead generation perspectives, it means a great deal for you.

5. Never forget to keep control. While you may let your managers have their way in generating sales leads, the final decision ultimately falls on you. If necessary, assume command of any campaigns in progress.

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