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Tips For Women On Staying Head to Toe Healthy     
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Saturday, 24 March 2012 09:46
Tips For Women On Staying Head to Toe Healthy. A woman’s body is a beautiful thing, but like all beautiful things it needs to be taken care of. The best way to do this is to take multifaceted approach to managing your body.

Rather than addressing a single area of your body (the way some women try to target their hair, eyes, waist or legs), the best approach is to tackle everything, head to toe, internal and external.

Before you feel overwhelmed and start thinking that you don’t have it in you to manage a full body makeover, take a look at these tips to get an idea of how easy it is to be thorough when managing your body.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is kind of a complicated issue that boils down to one uncomplicated fact; it is better to be a healthy weight. That means not allowing your body to expand to unhealthy measurements, of course, but it also means not slipping below a healthy weight, as well.

An unfortunately large number of women, in seeking to be thin, go too far and develop eating disorders that put their lives at risk just as much as obesity can. Everyone should figure out what their healthy weight is. A doctor can help you determine this.

The commonly referenced BMI numbers can also help, but they do not take into account things like age and lifestyle. Another way to tell if you have achieved a good weight balance is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you are energetic, comfortable and confidence, that is a good indication that you are doing the right thing. If you find that you are having health problems, slimming down by adopting several weight loss measures can make a huge difference.



tips for women weight loss



Fitness is a part of weight loss (since obviously you need to exercise and burn calories if you want to be slim), but it is an important part of health overall. Even a person who is already at their target weight should pay attention to their level of fitness.

A good fitness routine has several components, particularly cardio and weight training. Cardio involves getting your heart rate up, into the calorie burning zone – this is important to keep your heart healthy. Weight training involves using weights and resistance tools to build up your muscles.

This is significant because even when you stop working out, your muscles can keep working hard, burning calories and rebuilding themselves up, stronger than ever. When you are working out, a good idea is to alternate your cardio and weight training efforts between days.


fitness tips for women


Drinking Right with Green Tea

It is absolutely essential that you pay attention to the things that you are putting into your body. As the saying goes, you are what you eat (and drink). Consider the gas you put into your car; likely, you put the best fuel you can manage to protect its inner workings.

The same should be true of what you drink yourself, and nothing is quite as healthy as green tea. Green tea packs a super punch of health benefits, according to a wealth of studies which have been conducted on the beverage. Of particular importance is the wealth of antioxidants it contains, which do a lot to protect your health, fighting everything from cancer to the common cold – even helping you lose weight by draining some of the toxins in your body, toxins you may not even know what you have absorbed from the environment you live in.

drinking green tea for better health

Other Antioxidants

While you are at it, there are whole spectrums of foods available which are stuffed full of antioxidants. Some of them you may be able to guess or may have heard about in the news.

They include common fruits like blueberries and less common, but more popular at the moment fruits like mangosteen, krill oil and acai berries. But, everyone expects (or at least hopes) to get antioxidants from fruit. However, there are less expected sources. Nuts have them – especially pecans and walnuts. Certain types of beans have them, sometimes in higher concentration than fruits. Even russet potatoes have a sizeable amount of antioxidants.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows this – it is a full body experience. Everything from your skin to your emotional state is stretched to its limits. How can you possibly approach a thing like that? The first way is to prepare, in advance, if it is possible. Take vitamins and be fit before you get pregnant.

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